The purpose of life is self-expression. Expressing your essence entirely is what we live for.

-Oscar Wilde

It’s easy today, to find a medium for self expression. In grade school it was a point taught by our teachers and reinforced by our parents. Be yourself. Be creative. Be different. The purpose was clear and made sense. An egocentric society is bland, dull, and narrow, but a diverse altruistic one bleeds progression, acceptance, and individuality. Through this philosophy, generation after generation has found new ways to express themselves; through music, art, science, social norms, and much more.

Nothing I have said should come as a surprise to you, nor was it my intention. I would however, like to shed light on a point hidden inside this point.

This ideology, while applied to the previous stated mediums, flourishes, yet holds value only through external means. A pianist cannot play music without his piano, nor a painter without his brush. Just as the writer can only write with the help of paper, the fashion designer or model cannot be understood without clothes. By all means, through these secondary mediums people have created brilliant new ways for anyone to express their inherent sense of self. In the same way, many have also neglected the most accessible canvas, the primary clay of peculiarity—the human body.

Cells—molded, adapted, divided, congealed, dying and reproducing—make up your physical existence in the place and time that we share together. You are a physical representation of your past, and current choices. A combination of inherited traits, and daily decisions, the mass that is you, whatever shape or size, speaks to me and the world around you. I’m not preaching about “losing weight,” or “looking your best,” but rather, being your best for the sake of your being. This doesn’t mean start a diet or run three hours a day. My point can be understood, in that:

Your words may misrepresent your mind, but your physical body cannot lie. Health cannot be expressed in any other way than by smart choices.

Expression is how we want others to see us as individuals. It only makes sense to start with one’s self. Represent who you are through your physical being. Express yourself. 

Andrew T. Ramirez